HNS History:

Founded in 1946 as part of a national movement sponsored by the Presbyterian Church to provide services in support of immigrants and those in need, the House of Neighborly Service (HNS) in South Tucson is a nonprofit agency dedicated to serving and strengthening the health and well-being of the people of this community. Our community center is a safe, friendly campus for after school programs, summer camps, senior meals, social gathering and recreation, health and wellness programs, and contributes to a stronger and more resilient community.

In 2015 HNS came under management of the YWCA of Southern Arizona, an entrepreneurial nonprofit that has served the wider Tucson area for 98 years. This strategic partnership has given us the infrastructure we need to restart and expand programming.

HNS is located in the heart of the City of South Tucson, a 1.2 square mile municipality completely surrounded by the City of Tucson.  The City of South Tucson’s population is 83% Hispanic and 10% Native American.  The community is a blend of long term residents with deep roots in the community and newly arrived immigrants.  Community members take great pride in the cultural heritage of South Tucson.

Who we are:

HNS is a non-profit 501 (c)3 that serves families and children in the heart of South Tucson.

HNS is powered by the YWCA of Southern Arizona.

HNS is Member of Zona de Promesa and the Healthy South Tucson Partnership